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Hi I'm Clark Bartram,

Now I'm not sure what led you here today... Maybe you've heard about me from a friend or my YouTube channel, where I'm Youtube’s #1 Most Subscribed Nutrition Expert For Men Over 40. You see, my channel has over 4 million subscribers... and I'm proud to say we're the biggest health and fitness community for older men who're looking to get back in shape on the internet.

Regardless of how you found me, I hope the information above, taken from my personal fitness and nutrition journal, has given you a better understanding of what a man over 40 should be doing differently with their nutrition to finally get in shape. Now I could spend all day showing you how in shape I am at the age of 53... However, even with that being said, there's a far more important reason why you should listen to what I have to say.

That's because just a few years ago, I was just like you... Struggling with deteriorating hormone health and the unwanted fat gain associated with aging. Now during my 20's, getting and staying in shape, wasn't really that hard at all... A little workout here and there would do the job.

But by the time I reached my mid - 30's and into my 40's, everything got a whole lot harder...

You see, the exercise and diet methods that once worked for me in my 20's stopped working. I noticed more belly fat around my waist, my mood and attitude were down, confidence was nowhere near where it used to be. To sum it up, I became the man I told myself I would never want to be.

I tried dieting and training with all sorts of mainstream fitness programs out there... but nothing seemed to work. I thought maybe I was just getting lazy, didn't have the discipline or maybe, I was following my diets wrong... but I later discovered that it was really none of that.

In fact, if you're a man over 40 and can't seem to get in shape, it's not your fault at all. It wasn't until after a year of trial and error that I discovered that it was all due to my deteriorating hormone system.

Now this aging male curse of deteriorating hormone isn't something you've accidentally done to yourself. It's actually something that all men will face as we age. Now even though it's not your fault, it is something you need to fix, if you want to experience a healthy active lifestyle for years to come.

And that's why I want to share with you the blueprint to my personal eating journal that includes all the key hormone optimizing meals I've customized for men our age. From every key ingredient, every time saving step, and every hormone supporting recipe... I want to hand it all to you right now.

I've wasted years of my life struggling with aging hormones and the poor physical and mental side effect that it brings. But fortunately you won't... because here's your opportunity to have my complete step by step, proven and tested nutrition guide on what men our age must do to relive the prime of your life today, and for years to come.



America's Most
Trusted Nutritionist


Here's the blueprint to my


The world's FIRST male hormone optimizing eating system designed and personally made by and for a man over 40. It's a sustainable, simple to follow, and delicious eating plan that's programed to specifically enhance a man's hormone production.


The system is called "TestMax Nutrition," because it's designed to get rid of your belly fat by enhancing your master male hormone and to keep it at peak levels that's safe and easy for men to permanently sustain.

You will be able to provide the perfect hormonal environment for your body with my unique combination of proven foods and ingredients... And it's all based on your body's natural hormone production.

NO weekly doctor appointments, and definitely NO lifetime dependency on prescription hormone therapy…

On top of that, I've included a few bonuses that my most successful clients used along with the TestMax Program to see results faster than they've ever expected.

Now many of my most successful clients are in there 60's, 70's and even in there 80's. So if they can see amazing at an much older age... it's very possible that you will excel even further and faster.

Now I don't want you to think this is a complex eating plan just because this entire program is based on scientific research.

Remember... this was designed by a busy, and sometimes lazy man... so I promise that you'll be impressed on how easy it is to follow... in fact we start off by just adding one delicious meal at a time. Now, if you like saving time, money and like having guaranteed results like I do... then my TestMax Nutrition System is what you've been looking for.

Listen, I have everything mapped out for you...

Every unique blend of test-boosting and estrogen blocking food... broken down into 3 simple yet highly effective test supporting phases. In addition, you'll get all my male hormone eating tips and techniques designed for men our age. And you can easily view them all in my live cooking demonstration videos which will show you in detail how to easily prepare a week's worth of meals in under an hour.

And Your Delicious TestMax Meals
Will Look Like This



"How In The World Can A 65 Year Old Man Eat Virtually All These delicious Foods....And still look like that?"

Now like many men over 40, you've probably tired to get rid of your belly fat with traditional diets, but have failed to see the results you truly want.

This frustration would lead most to believe that Today's ability to get in shape at his age was simply just "luck" or "genetics".

The kind of genetics that pretty much allow you to eat all the foods you love and never have to worry about strict dieting or doing long tedious workouts.

The truth is... I used to believe that too.



what if i told you it has nothing
to do with genetics or age...


Or Even How Much Time You Spend Working Out. And What If I Told You That You Can Do The Same By Doing...

What if I told you that these "so called" perfect genetics were all made possible by simply taking control of this one key hormone that's already being made in your body ... And that you can command your body to produce more of it?

Making it possible for you to enjoy your favorite foods and experience life the way it was meant to be... without having to constantly worry about your weight or health. And allowing you to get rid of your belly fat easier than you ever thought possible.



Now as you can see with Toby, turning back on this vital hormone switch is possible... However the steps that a man must take to accomplish this has historically been unclear for most men.

Similar to what you've probably experienced, there was a time when Toby and I once tried many different workouts and diet strategies in order to overcome the natural laws of male hormone deterioration.

But what I've finally come to realize is that when a man's male hormone production is not supported, no amount of regular exercise or calorie-counting will ever help you against excess fat gain.

Just imagine it like this…

Working out without your hormones fully supported is like trying to drive a vehicle without engine oil... you simply won't be able to go very far. In fact, you can ruin your entire engine in just a few miles or less without the proper oil level.

And this is the same principle when your test is low. Without sufficient levels of your master male hormone, your muscles will be weaker, your recovery will be slower and it will feel nearly impossible to experience the results you're working so hard to achieve.

Now what if I told you that there is a way to boost your male hormone production without being forced to exercise and without having to seek medical attention? What if you could regain the hormone levels as you had back in your 30s or even 20s? Well now, you can.

I discovered that a man can support his
hormone production

Now you noticed I didn't say diet... that's because boosting your test has nothing to do with eating less or cutting out your favorite foods.

Here's a pro tip: You have to actually eat more -- of the right foods. And in fact, some of the best foods for your male hormone levels might be things you think are unhealthy right now.

The truth is, much of the conventional weight loss wisdom that so many men still believe in is actually based on outdated research.

In reality, what the current research is telling us is that the key for getting older men back in shape is to begin supplying your body with foods that are rich in T-boosting nutrients.


Now that we are aware that eating certain hormone boosting foods is critical to achieving success, your next step to hormone recovery is to make sure that these hormone-helping meals are readily available at all times. However if we are being completely honest with ourselves, knowing what foods to shop for or how to even cook the food can seem complicated and time consuming to most normal yet busy men like us.

So Why Is Eating Right Such A Huge
Fat Loss Obstacle For A Man Our Age?
What Are Your Dieting Frustrations?

  • I don't have time to cook healthy meals daily
  • I don't like the taste of diet foods
  • I don't really know what men should eat to get rid of belly fat
  • Dieting just doesn't seem to work for me?
  • All of the Above

Listen, we all know that eating right is the first and most important factor for supporting your male hormones and getting in shape... However I also know the frustrations and time consuming work that's associated with typical diet plans. Not to mention the fact that most of these plans have you cooking and eating foods that don't truly enjoy in the first place. So if you've checked one or even all of the frustrations above like I did... Chances are you may be someone who has felt failed from the start of a diet in the past… leaving you to continue the struggle against your declining hormone levels and belly fat.

So, What Must Men Do Differently
With Their Eating In Order To Truly
See Results?

Male Hormone Nutrition Checklist:


Now before you start researching the best pro-test and estrogen blocking foods… you need to understand that woofing down large amounts of these foods regularly will not help.

The key is to eat the perfect amount needed for a older man... I call this the "Male hormone Ratio."

You see, if you eat too much of these test boosting foods, not only will it stress out your body and cause an even greater decrease in your hormone levels... You'll also be loading up on way too many calories and end up adding on more belly fat.

And on the opposite end... if you don't consume enough, you'll see little to no change.

That's why it's very important for you to consume a specific combination and amount of unique test-boosting and estrogen blocking foods that, when eaten together, automatically help support your male hormone levels.

Now, I looked every where... but since there wasn't any type of recipes or meal guides available to support a man's hormone level, I took it upon myself to customize the most effective combination of hormone supporting meals on my own... I made critical adjustments so that the recipes are delicious and portioned exactly to the precise hormone supporting ratio needed for men our age.

Taking it a step further, I went on to break down the nutritional needs of older men who are seeking weight loss and categorized the meals into 3 hormone support phases.

Each phase of the meal plan is designed to gradually optimize your male hormones by first boosting your metabolism. As your metabolism becomes fine-tuned, the phase-by-phase meal plan will adjust to include more advanced t-boosting meals. Not only does this result in more natural test production... it also means even more delicious meals.

In addition I discovered some very simple yet effective hormone boosting tips and tricks that will accelerate your success rate in each phase of the meal plan and support your hormones even further.

Completing each phase of the meal plan will allow your body to naturally maintain and support your male hormone levels with minimal upkeep, giving you similar or even better results than I personally have today.

Here's A Delicious Sample Of What
You'll Find In Our TestMax Nutrition


3 - phase testmax
nutrition system

In order to most effectively enhance your hormones through nutrition, I've broken the TestMax meal plan up into 3 distinct phases. This step-by-step approach is key for initiating a steady, long-lasting pro-test environment within a man's body that favors higher levels of the master male hormone to be produced.



Since most men will be starting phase 1 of the TestMax meal plan with low levels of test, the first 30 days of this diet will focus on eliminating foods that are proven to lead to poor male hormone health, and replacing those foods with options that are proven to support it.

Simply put, The Hormonal Detox phase is dedicated to reducing, eliminating and detoxifying your body's hormone system from the nutrients and chemicals that are proven to harm a man's test levels.

This includes cleaning out the excess estrogen in your body, reducing processed food chemicals and fine-tuning your lifestyle by adjusting how you approach the other critical low-T factors such stress and sleep.

Each meal in the first month of the TestMax meal plan will contain a high concentration of the best-known estrogen blocking foods while also meeting the right male ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients to support hormone health.

Because estrogen can aromatize t-hormone molecules into more of the master female hormone, it's critical to focus on cleansing the body of these compounds all together. This will allow your body to end this vicious cycle of your male hormone being converted to estrogen and adding more belly fat.

That's why removing any excess estrogen along with is the first and most essential step in revitalizing your male hormone production.



On to phase 2, The Male Hormone Optimization and Recharge Phase. This is the phase where you'll see the fastest changes in the way you look.

So for the next few weeks you will need to adjust your meals to support higher levels of test. You see, since we've eliminated estrogen and other low-T factors in phase 1, your body is now primed to really drive up your male hormone production without any interference.

In this 30 day period, you'll be combining certain key nutrients that contain the highest male hormone boosting quality. This is how you'll be able to max out your test levels as man and finally get that flat stomach and lean body you want.

Now at this point you will already look like a completely different person. And you'll be 100% satisfied with the results you see at that very moment…

But there's one last thing you've always wanted... and now you're ready for it.



Phase 3 is focused on achieving a flexible, balanced approach to enjoying the best tasting foods as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Now that your estrogen levels are controlled at safe levels, and your test production has been rejuvenated, your body is now ready and able to handle a much more balanced approach to eating.

This means you'll get a blend of TestMax approved recipes that are unlike anything you've ever seen on a typical diet plan. You'll be able to enjoy dishes such as the Testo Burger or Clark's sweet potato nacho recipe regularly without worrying about excess weight gain.

Not only this, but in the final phase of the TestMax meal plan you will be able to learn how to customize any meal to meet your hormone health needs - This way you can continue enjoying test boosting meals whether you are at home or on the go.

At the end of the 90 day mark of the 3rd and final phase, you will have successfully trained your body to sustain peak test levels with minimal maintenance for years to come.

Here's What You’ll Expect To Find And
Learn In The TestMax Nutrition System:


Full-Auto Hormone Support Recipes

Each and every meal includes the precise ratio of hormone supporting nutrients. These recipes are designed to automatically peak your male hormone levels and help you reach your goal much faster.


How To Easily Prepare A Weeks Worth of Hormone Boosting Meals In Under An Hour

You'll learn how to prepare, cook, and pack each delicious meal. Saving you a ton of time, hassle, and confusion that men often face with common diet


How To Manage Your Food Shopping Budget With Every Money-Saving Meal You Eat

You'll be provided with a simple yet detailed shopping list that includes our all-out money saving tricks. In what you used to spend eating out just twice, you have an entire week's worth of delicious hormone boosting foods.


How To Easily Break Your Poor Hormone Killing Habits With Minimal Effort

Breaking poor habits are hard... especially when you have no idea what these habit are. That's why I'll show the hormone killing mistakes you are unknowingly making everyday. Plus you'll get all of the tiny adjustments you can make each day to get exponentially greater results in supporting your hormone health.


Exclusive PhD Hormone Training Videos

Explore and quickly understand everything that a man who's wanting to improve his male hormone health needs to know. Watch and enjoy as nutrition experts talk about how certain foods and nutrients you eat can ultimately affect the way you feel, act, and look. In addition, what immediate changes men should make to see results in just a few days.


Full Access To Our Entire Series Of Live Cooking and Hormone Guidance Videos

Once you enroll, you'll have full access to our your private member's only site. Here you can watch and even print out each recipe and hormone boosting guide that follows each phase.


Access All your TestMax Nutrition

Follow each and every recipe, live prepping and cooking video, and get all your hormone boosting tools with your own personal free TestMax Nutritional mobile device app. All you need is internet access and you can start preparing these vital hormone supporting meal anywhere you go.

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50% OFF

For The First 500 MEN
Who Want To Try TestMax Nutrition


You'll Also Get These Handy Tools - Along With Your TestMax Nutrition System


The Master Test-boosting
Foods Catalog:

Discover the complete list of foods that have been scientifically proven to boost your master male hormones. Use this catalog to adjust your TestMax meal plan to your tastebud preferences OR to build customized T-boosting meals well after you've completed your 90 day diet.


The Kick-Start Recipe Guide:

In this printable guide, you will have a collection of simple starter recipes that Clark created to make the transition away from the addictive junk-food lifestyle easier. Written in full detail, you'll have over 10 different quick recipes expertly designed to maximize the flavor of some of the most hormonally nutritious foods that men can eat.


The Hand Portion Control Guide:

This handy chart with give you the power to put your test boosting meals together in a fraction of the time it would take you using measuring utensils and food scales. Skip the mess and use Clark's portion tool that requires only the palm of your hand.






When You Try Out TestMax
Nutrition, You Also Get


Bonus #1: 14 Days Free Access To My Full Length TestMax Meal Plan & Recipe Guide.

Listen, eating the same meals over and over can get boring... even if you have the most delicious hormone supporting meals available. The key is switch up your meals after every week. Not only will this allow you to explore new and even more exciting foods that you'll actually look forward to eating, but each new video you get will help you advance your male hormone levels further and further with each passing week.

That's why as part of our 14 day free trial, members will automatically get all new recipes for the first month FREE with their purchase of the TestMax Nutrition system.

This means: On top of getting all of the test kick-start recipes that are included in the program... you'll receive the first 4 TestMax recipe of the week videos PLUS your first 4 weeks of the written meal plan for FREE.

Here's how it works. Every week, I'll be unlocking two things for you... Your "recipe of the week" video and also, a detailed meal plan print out that covers everything you'll be eating for the next 7 days.

In each weekly recipe video, I will be demonstrating for you the step by step method that I use to prepare, cook, and store each delicious recipe. Plus, I'll even walk you through how to portion out the recipe into individual meals, so that you can enjoy a serving of each amazing recipe for the whole week.

And just like all of the meals found within the TestMax Nutrition System, you'll be able to prepare



Bonus #2 DVD SET + Instant Online Access

You'll Get Instant Access To The TestMax Nutrition System Through Our Members Only Website & App. You Can Also Get The Workouts On DVD For Free -- Just Pay Shipping.

When you purchase the TestMax Nutrition System, you'll immediately be able to enjoy the TestMax Nutrition System videos instantly on your computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can get the entire TestMax Nutrition System free on DVD.

In just a few short days your DVD's will arrive at your doorstep.

However you don't have to wait to start dieting while your DVD's are being shipped to you…. With instant online access to your high definition cooking videos, you can start boosting your hormone health and get into killer shape right away.

Your program DVD's will be shipped to you immediately but the moment you sign up, you can instantly access all of your digital cooking videos from our exclusive members only website and app at the push or click of a button:

Once you've signed up, you will be emailed a username & password to access your TestMax Nutrition System videos

Sign in to your account

Click on the video you want to watch. (Mac, PC, Tablet, smartphone)

Cook and enjoy your delicious T-boosting meals and get ready to enjoy long-lasting hormone health in the body you deserve.

You Also Get My 60-day No Risk Trial
Period, And My Full Coverage 100%
Money Back Guarantee


Here's how it works: Get instant online access to my TestMax Nutrition program today... so you don't miss out on all the free bonuses and discounts. Follow the TestMax meal plan and cook all of your delicious foods using the recipe videos provided for you. Be sure to test these free bonuses out for the next 60 days.

If for any reason (or for no reason at all), you are not 100% sure that the TestMax Nutrition program can or will help you get the body you want, just email me or contact me by phone, and I'll make sure you receive your money back. (minus shipping and handling) No questions, no hassle, and no signatures needed.

Just a brief phone call or email will get you taken care of.

However, I'm sure you will be satisfied with the TestMax Nutrition System. I've helped thousand of men just like you in the past few years get the body they thought would be impossible to get at their age. As the #1 most subscribed and viewed Nutrition Coach for men over 40 on Youtube, you can TRUST that I put my reputation on the line with this promise of getting you in shape.

Now there's no time to waste... and you'll never get in shape unless you take action and click the button below and try out TestMax Nutrition System for yourself.


Get The
TestMax Nutrition

System Now

  • Get the body you deserve, by optimizing your most powerful male hormone
  • Enjoy sports, recreation and hobbies again without concerns of nagging "Old Man" joint pains or the fatigue that plagues many men with low-T
  • Relive the prime of your life now with the body you deserve
  • Build a healthy lifestyle for you and your family's future